Cube Mould

Shree Shakti Infratech Introduces Precision in Concrete Testing with Cube Moulds

In the pursuit of excellence in construction, Shree Shakti Infratech presents our Cube Moulds – a vital component for accurate testing and validation of concrete strength. Since 2013, our commitment to quality has been unwavering, and our Cube Moulds exemplify precision in construction testing.

Key Features:

Accurate Concrete Strength Testing: Our Cube Moulds are meticulously designed to ensure the accurate casting and testing of concrete cubes, providing crucial insights into the compressive strength of the material.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our Cube Moulds exhibit durability and resilience, making them reliable for repeated use in diverse testing environments.

Easy Demolding: Featuring a user-friendly design, our Cube Moulds facilitate easy demolding of concrete specimens, streamlining the testing process and contributing to the efficiency of your quality control procedures.

Multiple Sizes Available: Available in various sizes to accommodate different testing requirements, our Cube Moulds offer versatility for a wide range of construction projects and testing applications.

Precision Alignment: Ensuring precision in test results, our Cube Moulds are engineered with precision alignment features, allowing for the accurate formation of concrete cubes for subsequent strength testing.


  • Construction Quality Control Testing
  • Research and Development in Concrete Technology
  • Material Testing Laboratories
  • Educational Institutions and Training Centers

At Shree Shakti Infratech, we recognize the critical role of accurate testing in construction quality control. Our Cube Moulds are a testament to our commitment to providing reliable and high-performance solutions for the construction industry.

Choose Shree Shakti Infratech for construction machinery and testing equipment that meets the highest standards. Our Cube Moulds are not just tools; they represent our dedication to quality, innovation, and the success of your construction projects. Experience precision testing – choose excellence with Shree Shakti Infratech!

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