Monkey Hoist

Elevate Your Construction Efficiency with Shree Shakti Infratech's Monkey Hoist

Introducing the Monkey Hoist by Shree Shakti Infratech – a robust and reliable solution designed to streamline material handling on construction sites. Since 2013, we have been at the forefront of providing high-quality construction machinery, and our Monkey Hoist is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our Walk Behind Single Drum Roller exemplifies the commitment to excellence that has defined Shree Shakti Infratech since 2013. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this versatile machine is designed to cater to the diverse needs of construction projects, ensuring a seamless and smooth paving experience.

Key Features:

Efficient Compaction: Our Walk Behind Single Drum Roller is engineered for optimal compaction, ensuring the stability and longevity of the constructed surface.

Heavy-Duty Performance: Our Monkey Hoist is engineered for heavy-duty lifting, providing a reliable solution for transporting construction materials to elevated areas with ease.

Versatility: Whether it's lifting bricks, concrete blocks, or other construction materials, our Monkey Hoist is versatile and adaptable to various job site requirements, making it an essential component of your construction machinery.

High Lifting Capacity: With a robust design and powerful lifting mechanism, our Monkey Hoist boasts a high lifting capacity, ensuring efficient and swift material handling for increased productivity.

User-Friendly Controls: Equipped with intuitive controls, our Monkey Hoist ensures ease of operation. The user-friendly design minimizes training requirements, allowing your team to operate the hoist with confidence.

Safety Features: Prioritizing safety, our Monkey Hoist incorporates safety features and mechanisms to ensure secure and controlled lifting operations, minimizing the risk of accidents on the construction site.


  • Material Lifting for Construction
  • Brick and Block Handling
  • Concrete Pouring at Height
  • Roofing and Flooring Projects
  • General Material Handling in Vertical Spaces

At Shree Shakti Infratech, we understand the importance of efficient material handling in construction. Our Monkey Hoist is a symbol of our dedication to delivering industry-leading solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of professionals in the field.

Choose Shree Shakti Infratech for construction machinery that stands the test of time. Our Monkey Hoist is not just a tool; it's a symbol of our commitment to quality, innovation, and the success of your construction endeavors. Elevate with confidence – choose excellence with Shree Shakti Infratech!

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